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I am a feminist.
I do not think women are superior.
I do not hate men.
Being a feminist means wanting equality and equal opportunities no matter what your gender is.
Men can be feminists.
Everyone can be a feminist!
Stop yelling at people!
Just smile and don't judge people based on their gender!
All of you are lovely!
Stop fighting and play with puppies!

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I remember going to a dance club, and this male stranger decides he wants to start grinding on me from behind. I scooted away, but he persisted to follow. My male friend, who was present, decided to start dancing up behind the male stranger, just as the male stranger was doing to me—and what do you know? The male stranger had the audacity to become outraged at my male friend, so much so, he wanted to start a fist fight with him. That’s when I knew there was no understanding or empathy for the kind of sexual abuse women go through in these situations

And if you sit there and read this and think “Well, you should expect that when you go to the clubs,” YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

mgyang “My 2 Cents on #YesAllWomen” (via mgyang)